Germany offers paid internships for students

Internships are available in a variety of fields such as business, media, marketing, engineering, hospitality and more where students can apply to learn to gain valuable work experience.

Germany is a country with one of the largest economies in the world that plays a great role in the international community. The country ranks 9th in terms of cultural influence. It’s a place where people like to connect with others and learn about diverse world cultures and put themselves in 2nd place for entrepreneurs in 2020 including staying connected to other parts of the world, technical skills, transparent business practices and more.

Germany is also the fourth most powerful country in the world in terms of power This is a great place to get work experience with a practical aspect of the degree you have earned. The country provides access to international work skills while helping students learn and develop the German language because it has strong international alliances.

Due to its highly developed market, Germany ranks 4th in the world in terms of GDP Internships are available in a variety of fields such as business, media, marketing, engineering, hospitality and more where students can apply to learn to gain valuable work experience.

MBA – Business Management

The business internship opportunities that a student can get in Germany are endless as there are more than 500 companies in Germany. Germany offers paid internships of up to $ 1000 to private companies, regional businesses, multinational corporation headquarters and other small private companies. Having an internship in business in Germany will help the intern to develop an international perspective that will be extremely useful in the business world.

MBA – Marketing

Germany has a large population and with this population comes the demand for various marketing opportunities and strategies. In marketing, interns must work with communication and public relations, develop competitive analysis, conduct market research, create influential messages and much more. If one has a good set of skills and matches the company’s personal preferences and needs, Germany also offers high-paying internships in web design and social media. Also, educational programs in Germany offer interns to work with brand managers as part of their internships.

Engineering – All fields

Germany’s automobile industry is huge, Germany’s largest and most successful companies offer paid engineering internships to students. Summer internships offered in Germany are the best way to put your theoretical engineering knowledge into practice. If you join as a trainee, you will need to help engineers design and plan a variety of projects that will help you build your team work and development skills.

Health and social sciences

Germany offers many paid internships for students interested in social service institutions, psychology, psychiatry, hospital industry and much more. As part of their internship, interns will have to work with families, injured women, children, the elderly, refugees and others. The chances of getting an internship in this sector are huge for an intern. Some workplaces in Germany offer eight-week paid internships for professional development in fields such as social sciences, health and other related fields.


Germany’s legal system is full of unique experience and complexity and intrigue. Interns who wish to apply for an internship in Germany in this field will work under major consolidations, corporate law firms, acquisitions, environmental law, media and more. This opportunity is worth a try. Getting an internship in law will be one of the most dazzling experiences that will change the perspective of interns throughout their legal profession.


Germany is a country that has influence in the European Union and works in the same field as political and government officials. Political internships in Germany are a great way to learn about government and history. This enables interns to apply political knowledge in their own country. In addition, internships provide a great way to network and help you get one step closer to building a career in politics. These internship placements are offered by the Municipal Office, Mayor’s Office, Lobby Group and many more.

Although these 3 to 12 month paid internships are designed to give you an international work experience and help you build their confidence with a deeper understanding of the German economic role.

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