GetWork has announced that the team is ready to expand

The HRTech and EdTech startup platforms are set to reach 70 full-time employees by the end of 2021, with the current number of 30 employees.

GetWork Рa SaaS-based HRTech and EdTech platform recently announced the expansion of its technology, marketing, sales and operations team. With the new hire, the company’s core number has reached 30 full-time employees and 12 associates at a rate of 20 employees per month.

As one of the fastest growing SaaS-based HRTech and EdTech platforms, GetWork recorded a retention rate of over 80 percent. In addition, 65 percent of the platforms have completed more than 1 year of team work and 45 percent of employees have completed more than 2 years which reflects the company’s supportive work culture that influences the team to stay with the company.

Launched in 2019, GetWork offers a single platform solution for college placement cells and employers to communicate with each other, post their needs and opportunities, and make it easy for employers of any size to find a team member that matches their needs. It connects leading corporates with more than 18,000 placement cells across colleges and private institutions in India.

So far, the platform has reached many milestones in its business journey. Currently, the company is growing at a 34 to 40 percent month-on-month (MOM) rate. It is aggressively working on INR 20 lakh MRR watches by the end of January 2022, with a target of hiring 70 full-time workers by the end of 2021.

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