GIIS initiates epidemic awareness among parents and children

Creating awareness on vaccination campaigns through webinars on preparedness and safety measures.

In the midst of the ongoing epidemic and the rise of covid cases across the country, the Global Indian International School (GIIS), Bannerghata, has conducted a webinar on awareness and preparation for the launch of the new covid form. The webinar received an enthusiastic response from parents and students, with Dr. Kiran Haridas, Senior Director Global Medical and Scientific Research, Cyanosis Health International, Asia, speaking on the safety and importance of immunizations in addition to ways to maintain a healthy mind and body. Kids.

With a sudden increase in cases, reinstatement of partial curfew, return to online classrooms and work from home; There have been renewed calls for action and vigilance across the country to combat the situation. In times of crisis, the school has taken meaningful steps to help students follow a healthy pattern for mental and physical well-being, and to help students cope with anxiety and stress.

In the webinar, the students were informed about the vaccination process, how it can help them build immunity, how to follow the Covid protocol and take preventive measures. It aims to involve students in awareness campaigns so that they can spread the message further to their relatives.

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