Great Learning has launched an advanced sales certification program for job seekers

This 15-week, hands-on program is designed to help students begin to build a successful sales career.

Great Learning, part of BYJU’s group and one of the leading global Edtech companies for higher and vocational education, has launched an advanced certification program on sale. Designed by experienced industry experts and great learning consultants, the program provides an opportunity to quickly track the careers of freshers, junior sales staff and other early-stage professionals in sales. The program will provide dedicated career support in terms of interview and resume preparation, career guidelines, job opportunities and interview guarantees.

The 15-week online program adopts a structured approach that provides students with a 360-degree understanding of B2C sales, anchoring them in areas such as customer relationships, pricing, sales strategies, discussions, analytics and core strategies for a successful sale. It also covers aspects of effectively managing a sales team while addressing key aspects of monitoring, motivating and managing a team of salespeople. With real-world assignments, industry expert sessions, case studies, and real-time interview simulations, the program provides domain-specific training through 80+ hours of learning, including 35+ hours of live learning. The purpose of this program is to help young professionals acquire the critical skills necessary for sales so that they are able to differentiate themselves and become qualified for high-paying and good quality sales roles.

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