HackerEarth has entered its 10th year with a record increase of

The company announces record growth in 2021 and celebrates a decade of leading innovations in solutions for developer recruitment, evaluation and engagement

HackerEarth, a solution provider for attracting, hiring, developing and employing developer talent, today announced record growth in 2021 as the company enters its 10th year in business. HackerEarth has helped over 6,500,000 developers nurture a fast-growing community as well as help 4,000+ companies recruit the perfect candidates.

A recent driver of the hacker Earth’s momentum is the widespread need for developers to support the bursting market for digital solutions. This demand has created significant challenges for recruiters and recruiting managers, with great resignations and the battle for talent. Proper hiring has never been more important, and HackerArth’s ability to create criteria and standards to compare the quality of candidates hired by different companies is a key competitive advantage.

“Entering our 10-year journey, HackerEarth continues to make progress in democratizing developer opportunities and providing initiatives with the most accurate, fair, and unbiased evaluation tool on the market,” said Sachin Gupta, CEO. “While our platforms and companies have evolved, we are proud to be involved in our core mission to help developers hone their skills and connect with the world’s leading organizations. We are moving forward at full speed and we have a lot to do for the next 10 years! ”

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