Haryana Colleges and Polytechnics have been allowed to reopen for offline sessions

Through an official order issued on September 18, the Haryana government has allowed colleges and polytechnics to reopen for students. Epidemic Warning-Protected Haryana Extended for One More Week, September 20, 5am to 4pm, 5pm

The Haryana state government has allowed state institutions to reopen for offline sessions. According to the notification, Haryana College, Polytechnic College and many more have been approved for reopening for offline sessions. As per the official decision, the government has decided to extend the epidemic alert-protected Haryana for the time being.

The Haryana State Government has agreed to extend the order starting September 20, 2021 and ending October 4, 2021 for about 15 days. The administration has also confirmed that fewer COVID-19 cases remain when educational institutions reopen in phases.

According to the official order, “Colleges and Polytechnics are allowed to reopen on campus with strict social compliance rules, regular covid appropriate behavioral rules, SOPs published by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and regular sanitation guidelines.”

“The Department of Higher Education and the Department of Technical Education, Haryana will immediately issue guidelines for the implementation of these orders,” it added.

When colleges and polytechnics reopen, everyone is required to comply with COVID-19 safety measures as per official decree. Everyone is expected to comply with social distance standards and reduce traffic congestion. The standard operating system for reopening will be released. Standards have been set, and all colleges and polytechnics can bring their own guidelines to ensure the safety of everyone.

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