Hello 7 has been launched in India with Agora’s real time engagement

The goal of the English language learning app is to democratize language education and unboard 10 million students by 2022.

Hallo, a US-based real-time English learning platform for speaking, has announced its launch in India to help Indians learn English from local teachers and practice speaking to other students around the world anytime, anywhere. Hallo enables virtual interaction between English students and local English teachers through live and 1-on-1 classes with interest-based English courses and AI proficiency tests to assess progress. Hello currently has over 200,000 users in India and initially caters to users aged 18-35.

Hello believes that the most effective way to learn English is through real-time engagement with real people. By focusing on human interactions, one can build confidence, overcome the fear of talking, advance their careers, and become fluent in learning how to communicate with others. The app currently has over 1 million students in 150 countries around the world.

Agora’s technology and APIs reinforce key features of Hello, such as live streaming, video calls, and audio calls, which enable its users to connect and interact worldwide in real-time.

Hello Hall secured বাজারে 2.4 million in funding from the market’s first real-time, language-learning, social platform and US venture capital firms such as Kickstart, Reward, Tamarac and Dance Capital.

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