How students can gain knowledge and experience from mentors

Many students need counseling in the hope of fulfilling the aspirations of a successful career and much more to create a clear path towards their goals and gain flexibility while maintaining focus.

Speaking about Oprah Winfrey Maya Angelo, her mentor said, “My mentor has always been with me, guiding me through the most difficult years of my life. Counselors are important and I don’t think anyone makes it through the world without some kind of advice.” Even if we deny it or even if we think that we can deal with and overcome every difficulty on our own, every student needs a teacher who listens, nurtures, thinks and supports the students to be their own best version.

Many students, when planning to study abroad, need counseling in the hope of fulfilling their aspirations for a successful career and much more to create a clear path towards their goals and gain flexibility while maintaining focus. Here are some ways you can make the most of your mentor relationship:

  1. We have our own character traits but being open will help to expand your perception. Patience, acceptance and purposefulness are some of the characteristics that are important for a successful mentor-student relationship. Mentoring is not a one-day process, it starts with understanding yourself, choosing your program, university or country, and then finishing the entire application process, visa and education. Counselors will hold your hand, but you need patience and equal support. At the same time it needs to be acceptable for feedback whether positive or constructive. Be purposeful by taking notes and implementing feedback.
  2. Even if we live in a virtual world with Facebook and Twitter, try to stay fully connected with this 1-1 relationship with your mentor. If you can’t schedule regular sessions, keep in touch with your mentor via email, even if not on a weekly basis. Update them on your progress and highlight areas where you need more help.
  3. You may have heard it many times, but preparation is the key To get the most out of a mentoring session, bring your curiosity, be prepared with questions. Review the final discussion, set your goals and agenda for that particular meeting, be honest and acknowledge the failures, and ask for suggestions on how to improve. Prepare questions that will help you make the most of the session.
  4. Even if you have half-baked ideas, even if you are unsure or shy or too confident, bring your ideas to your mentors. It is important that you research and think carefully about your options. You can have your own idea about a particular course or country, make sure you state your preferences clearly It will give you the right path, vision and information you need to succeed. If you want to change fields and choose a different offbeat course, or if you discover a new course that may require confirmation, ask your mentor. Thoroughly discuss your ideas and research.
  5. Map your path, articulate your short-term and long-term goals, and bring your bucket list even if you’re not sure about them. Counselors help students achieve professional and personal milestones. Sometimes, students have a blurred vision of setting goals and achieving them. Define your short-term and long-term goals, discuss them with your mentor, and then work on them. Prioritize what is most important to you in the short term, and then revisit your long-term goals. Keep a diary and reflect on your progress on a weekly basis.
  6. Need to give and take, share your feedback, be it negative or constructive. As important as it is to constantly respond, it is also important to respond when needed. If you have any tips that can make your meetings more effective and efficient, share those ideas with your mentor. When responding, be descriptive, specific and clear.
  7. Every relationship needs nurturing to last, so nurture your relationship and build a lasting bond with your mentor. This association of students and mentors starts with their initial meeting or demo session and ends with the students achieving what they want. Just verifying your mentor, adding thanks and apologies can make a huge difference. Kindness governs the world, be kind to your mentor, and try to build a lifelong bond.
  8. Getting accurate information is never in vain, so stay tuned and keep up to date. With the world changing so fast, the information you collect helps you analyze and stay ahead of the competition. Consultants are now integrating mentorship skills with technology and digitizing the college application experience with new strategies such as AI and ML. So, stay informed about the latest technology and tools to help you become proficient and give you the maximum benefit of organizing yourself before and after the session.

Counselors are like an open book, you read them and you take all the knowledge with you. There is no filter in this relationship and so it is the most pure. Your mentor will make you strong and ready for today’s fast-paced world, so are you ready to find yourself a great mentor and make the most of it?

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