IIM Amritsar operates Figure 21 in VC mode

Digital is easy while conversion is difficult; The combination of man and machine will enable successful digital transformation in the long run.

The Indian Institute of Management, Amritsar successfully conducted its inaugural IT and Analytics Conclave, Vyakriti’21 in video conference mode on September 18, 2021.

Vyakriti’21 provided a platform where industry veterans exchanged views with emerging managers on the latest trends and developments in IT and analytics. It has given the IIM Amritsar student community an holistic view of how an integrated and competitive market responds dynamically to different situations. Overwhelmed by critical developments in the IT and analytics domains, Conclave’s theme was set to ‘Evolving to Adapt; Digital transformation in the age of disruption.

The conclave introduced the subject to the audience through a short presentation by Akshay Kumar PD and Krishnaprasad Pancham of MBA-08 batch. They provide a general overview of the broader concept of digital transformation কখন when, why, and how digital transformation touches on issues such as different industry trends, technology and people, cultural change, and corporate governance. After the presentation, Sunil Reddy Kunduru, Faculty Anchor of the Analytics and Business Computing Club, welcomed all the panelists and the audience, and addressed the gathering welcoming Director Nagarajan Ramamurthy, who could not attend the event due to earlier commitments. He explained how IIM Amritsar orders to prepare future managers for an indefinite period of time due to various artificial and natural causes. Emphasizing the relevance of this conclave, he added that classroom education alone is not enough to keep pace with rapid changes in the workplace. He concluded by talking about the launch of MBA-Business Analytics course at IIM Amritsar from 2021.

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