IIT Jodhpur organizes workshops on NEP 2020 and action points for IITs

“NEP is contributing to a just and vibrant knowledge society. It emphasizes the restructuring of curriculum, pedagogy, assessment and student support for the growing student experience. “Professor Sarit Kumar Das, Institute Chair Professor, IIT Madras and former Director, IIT Ropar

On the occasion of Engineers’ Day, IIT Jodhpur has organized an online workshop on ‘National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 and Action Points for IITs’. The workshop was held in the honorable presence of S. Rakesh Ranjan, Additional Secretary, Technical Education, Ministry of Education, Government. With prominent speakers from India, Prof. RK Shevgaonkar, Prof. Emeritus, IIT Bombay, and former Director, IIT Delhi, and Prof. Sarit Kumar Das, Institute Chair Professor, IIT Madras, and former Director, IIT Roper.

NEP 2020 is a comprehensive framework for vocational training in rural and urban India, from elementary to higher education. Following its approval by the Union Cabinet on 29 July 2020, discussions have been held in various forums to find ways to implement it effectively.

Universal high-quality education is important for developing and maximizing talent and resources for the good of individuals and society. With the rapidly changing employment landscape and global ecosystem, education must build character, enable students to be ethical, rational, empathetic and caring, as well as prepare them for profitable, fulfilling employment.

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