IIT launches BTech in Jodhpur Civil and Infrastructure Engineering

IIT-Jodhpur has launched a one-of-a-kind BTech program in Civil and Infrastructure Engineering, which includes a large-scale integrated infrastructure course.

IIT-Jodhpur Civil and Infrastructure Engineering has large-scale integrated infrastructure such as telecom and IT, renewable and non-renewable energy, railways, airport and seaport design, officials said.

They explained that unlike other civil engineering programs in India, the course would introduce students to a variety of fields such as infrastructure planning and designing, good knowledge of artificial intelligence and machine learning, smart materials and sensors and physical to infrastructure safety. And digital threats.

According to Ranju Mohan, Head, Civil and Infrastructure Engineering, IIT-Jodhpur, in contrast to manufacturing, automotive and aerospace industries, the civil and infrastructure industries are slow to adopt digital and transformative technologies.

He said the use of artificial intelligence, cyber-physical systems and digital twins would reduce costs and time, streamline construction and reduce waste.

“Our program has a curriculum framework that incorporates and integrates conventional civil engineering with these advanced transformative technologies. Thus, we are creating the next generation of civil engineers who can address social needs from a multidisciplinary perspective that is exactly what the current industry needs.” He added.

The program allows students to acquire regular BTech degrees as well as a specialization in ‘smart infrastructure’ or ‘environmental engineering’.


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