IIT Madras and TCS partner industry will launch Artificial M Tech

An 18-month course, this ‘User-Oriented Program’ (UoP) will be offered entirely through virtual classrooms in online mode and will focus on industrial analytics.

The Indian Institute of Technology Madras has partnered with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) to launch a web-enabled, user-oriented program on “Industrial AI” that incorporates AI applications for industry issues aimed at advanced workers.

The 18-month-long course, designed in consultation with TCS, will be offered by IIT M in full online live teaching mode through virtual classrooms. The first batch of students for the program will be from TCS.

Key results / benefits planned from M.Tech in Industrial AI include:

  • To develop Indian personnel in this important area
  • Improving the knowledge ecosystem that is important for AI adoption
  • Translation of AI theory to practice
  • Industrial solutions that are sustainable
  • Awareness of the development of AI theory and the educational approach to AI training from an applied perspective

The information technology revolution has made India a significant global player. The current knowledge revolution backed by AI requires deep skills and understanding of this fascinating area. The development and adoption of this field is progressing at such a frantic pace that it is imperative to provide agile training and skill enhancement to the Indian workforce. Such courses will satisfy this need.

In addition to a project work on each subject, a mid-term and a final exam will be held in online mode. There will be a total of 28-30 hours of online classes per week. With post-class activities, such as assignments, reading and preparation, can take up to 20-22 hours per week.

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