IIT Madras established the Interdisciplinary Water Management Policy Center

Known as ‘AquaMAP’, the center is being set up with the generous support of IIT Madras alumni who are promising rupee seed grants. 3 crore to solve water problem in India

The Indian Institute of Technology Madras is setting up a new interdisciplinary water management and policy center called ‘AquaMAP’ to address water issues in India.

The center will provide smart solutions to water problem challenges by designing scalable models using innovative technology. These models will be applied in selected locations across the country as proof of concept.

Key results planned from AquaMAP in the medium / long term include:

  • Ability to address complex real life water issues through consortia approach
  • Is established as an entity, which can provide solutions of wide impact and application
  • Complete successful pilot studies in at least six water innovation villages / towns, which can be demonstrated as a replicable model for water management and policy implementation in the country.
  • Solve at least three chronic water problems through the Grand Challenge and successfully translate them into pilot projects.
  • Set up a state-of-the-art hydro-informatics laboratory
  • Strongly established alumni and community engagement models

Excellent alumni involved model

IIT Madras alumni – Dr. Parashuram Balasubramanian, CEO, Themework Analytics and Krishnan Narayanan, President, History Research & Digital – have generously supported the initiative in the form of a rupee seed grant pledge. 3 crore for two years and assistance in formulation of five year plan.

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