IIT Madras IISc Indian Institute of Statistics collaborates with Semantic Web India

Researchers will automate the process of collecting data from central and state government websites and add them, providing historical data as well as case, retrieval and vaccination level analyzes.

The Indian Institute of Technology Madras, the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) ‘s Network Intelligence Center, and the Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), a private technology firm based in Bangalore, are collaborating with Semantic Web India to launch a website, a critique. The new public repository is being hosted on the website – www.incovid19.org

The website provides a comprehensive perspective on epidemics across India by providing confirmed cases, active and retrieved cases, test and death information. The portal has recently started showing the status of vaccine administration for single dose and full vaccine.

The website, which until now was run by volunteers based on a crowd-sourcing model, provided valuable data to the public as well as researchers studying the epidemic. Organizers have recently announced that they will close their activities after 31st October 2021.

This new initiative of Academic Institution and Semantic Web India will now continue to update the data from 1st November 2021 and will make it available at www.incovid19.org.

The granularity of the data points at www.covid19india.org extends to most districts of the state. Historical data needs to be preserved to support future studies on epidemics.

This new initiative will ensure the availability of data related to the confirmed, activated, recovered, dead and tested Covid-19 for 36 people; States and Union Territories of India in an automated and robust manner till March 2022. Further, the aggregated data will be made available to the general public through a public repository with the appropriate API (Application Programming Interface) currently available at https: //. www.covid19india.org/ Applications and information to ensure minimal disruption to consumers.

The new portal www.incovid19.org will continue the efforts of the current Covid19 India portal with historical and newly added data from various sources. Beyond that, the project plans to create a semantic layer in the data to provide advanced search and analysis.

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