IIT Madras will launch a master’s program in electric vehicles

The program will enhance research into the exciting field of e-mobility and students will enroll in the third year of their BTech and Dual Degree programs in January 2022.

The Indian Institute of Technology Madras is going to launch a Masters program on electric vehicles. This interdisciplinary dual degree (IDDD) will increase student engagement with e-mobility and its BTech and dual degree students will be offered. This program will enhance the research capacity in this exciting field.

Students are expected to enroll in the program from January 2022 during the third year of their BTech and dual degree programs. The initial acceptance is expected to be 25 students.

Students graduating from this program will have the skills required for job opportunities in EV product development, including EV integration, vehicle aggregate engineering, communication and calibration, verification and validation, and product and portfolio planning.

IIT Madras offers its graduate students an option to upgrade to the IDDD program where students will study for five years and earn B.Tech. A parent discipline and M.Tech. In an interdepartmental area. The aim is to give students more flexibility, give them the opportunity to take courses across different disciplines and build skills in modern interdisciplinary fields that will define the future of engineering and technology.

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