Incubates nine entrepreneurs including Teach for India Innovated

Nine innovations are being unveiled at InnovateED 2021, ranging from science experiments to school leadership, to socio-emotional learning of out-of-school children.

InnovateED, Teach for India’s nine-month incubator has announced its team for 2021 to help entrepreneurs looking to build an influential organization. Entrepreneurs in the early stages of education for alumni in India want to take their innovations from a promising influential stage to a sustainable organizational level. . The Incubator Program provides lots of resources for alumni entrepreneurs –

Teach For India supports its alumni ideas that will affect equity:

  • A team of 9-10 entrepreneurs every year
  • From 2017-2019, Teach for India has incubated and assisted 40 entrepreneurs
  • Teach for India assists entrepreneurs with funding, dedicated coaches, innovation boot camps, peer-led support, access to the larger ecosystem, and knowledge-building structures.
  • Guides entrepreneurs through organizational development and entrepreneurial self-growth building blocks – leadership and decision making, financial management, process adaptation, relationship building, employee and customer-centeredness, problem-solving skills, communication and storytelling.

These 9 entrepreneurs are part of India’s 2012 to 2018 Fellowship team of Teach For and 14 based in urban and rural areas, ranging from science exams to school leadership, remote geographic education for out-of-school children to socio-emotional education, and local leadership building. Up to higher secondary education.

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