India has the potential to become the world’s adtech capital Amitabh Kant

Policy Commission CEO Amitabh Kant believes that India can become the world’s adtech capital, with the private sector playing a key role and the state sector acting as a facilitator.

On Friday, Policy Commission CEO Amitabh Kant said India could become the world’s adtech capital, with the private sector playing a key role and the public sector acting as a catalyst.

Speaking at a virtual conference of the Public Affairs Forum of India (PAFI), Kant further said that India needs to significantly improve its education results and technology can help the country to leapfrog on a large scale.

“I am confident that the private sector plays a key role and the public sector can act as a facilitator to make India the world’s adtech capital,” he said.

Kant said affordable internet connectivity and technology-based infrastructure are the only way to improve the country’s education sector.

“Relying solely on physical infrastructure will not be enough,” he noted.

According to the CEO of the Policy Commission, the Indian edtech ecosystem has huge potential for growth.

“But more importantly, the country will progress, students will learn, and learning outcomes will improve,” he said, adding that extensive adtech architecture will help provide better access to education, especially for disadvantaged groups.

Kant added that the integration of technology in the education system will solve the problem of digital divide in India and bring about a revolution in rural areas.

India’s new national education policy was responsive to the demand for integration of technology at every level of education, he added.

Speaking on the occasion, Baiju Rabindranath, founder and CEO of Baiju, said that students have the opportunity to learn through IDTech, but

India could be a global talent pool for teachers.

“On the one hand, we talk about democratic dividends, but if they don’t have access to education, it doesn’t do much good.

“On the other hand, if we provide it, it is a huge opportunity for India,” he said.


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