India is improving on the go by sharing Harappa 2021 Online Learning Insights

Harappa shares her annual online education insights from her 400k + student community. Quotes:

Harappa, an indigenous Adtech startup and online organization for behavioral skills, today shared its insights into the annual online learning of its 400k + student community. This insight captures skills gaps, priorities, beginner behaviors and types, across careers.

In 2020, online learning became the only means of upskilling and recycling, but in 2021, as workplaces evolved into remote and hybrid setups, so did the skills requirements of professional students. Young students (25-35 Y / O) shared that the biggest upskilling challenge they wanted to overcome in 2021 was preparing for the interview. Intermediate and senior students (36+ Y / O) find adapting to new workplace (remote / hybrid), leadership and presentation skills to be their top three high skills priority. One of the biggest hurdles for students was not knowing where to start their learning journey.

Harappa also unlocked a 1.2-fold annual increase in its average weekly learning time per user — students spent 60 minutes per week online for upskilling and recycling in 2021, compared to 27 minutes in 2020. -The purpose of term education is that young students share that they look for online courses that can help them explain the ladder of success and differentiate themselves in the sea of ​​talent that exists in India. Middle and senior-level students, on the other hand, take advantage of online learning to break the stagnation of their career growth graph.

Elaborating on the insights, Shreyasi Singh, Founder and CEO, Harappa, shared, “Education is the strongest, when it is continuous and sustainable (truly lifelong!), And the fact that our students often come back out of completion is a testament to our teams. Has been able to create learning experiences that truly turn users into students! ”

Harappa further revealed that across the student diaspora, a self-paced learning model was preferred over the classroom setup. According to their learning speed and habits, Harappa categorized his students into bingers, munchers and sneakers. Bingers are students who complete 100 percent of their course in one week, they may be in the middle of a senior career management role. Munchers complete 33 to 36 percent of the course in one week, probably with a first-to-mid-career management role. Snackers complete 21 percent to 25 percent of the course in one week.

Harappa saw the following learning-hours in 2021: 8am to 10am and 5pm to 7pm, which is also incidentally the maximum travel time. Friday and Monday are the top learning days for online students, as demonstrated by Harappan beginner data.

Harappa has successfully championed the acquisition of Thrive Skills, an essential set of cognitive, social and behavioral skills that enable professionals to be consistently successful at every stage of their careers.

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