Indian Staffing Federation Future Skills Prime Partner to fill the IT skills gap

This partnership will create a reason for staffing companies to enable their employees (especially IT-ITES white collars) to become proficient in new, emerging technologies and professional skills related to the Future Skills Prime ecosystem.

The Indian Stuffing Federation (ISF), India’s top representative in the staffing / private employment services industry, today announced that it has signed a MoU with MeitY-NASSCOM Digital Skills Initiative, FutureSkills Prime, to meet the demand in the Indian IT / ITeS sector. For skilled professionals and bridging the gap between demand and supply between skills and job opportunities. The partnership creates a mechanism for Future Skill Prime students to find employment opportunities through the stuffing industry represented by members of the Indian stuffing industry.

To facilitate Career Service Assistance (CSS) offered by NASSCOM / SSC NASSCOM to job seekers trained for IT-ITES related job roles, ISF-FutureSkills Prime Partnership will include demand aggregation through ISF.

SSC NASSCOM will create specialized dipskilling programs tailored courses for staffing industry workers with FutureSkills PRIME ecosystem partners, in addition to OEM and training partners, specifically in specific areas of new, emerging technologies.

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