India’s EdTech sector has created 75,000 jobs in the last 5 years

The India Adtech Consortium (IEC) Mumbai reports that 50,000+ professionals are currently part of the EdTech ecosystem.

The Indian Adtech sector has created 75,000+ jobs for the Indian workforce in the last five years, according to data collected by the Indian Adtech Consortium (IEC) under the auspices of the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI). More than 50,000 professionals are currently part of the EdTech ecosystem.

The accelerated employment opportunities created by EdTech, which allows Indian professionals to create world-class standards, are especially evident in the context of the loss of jobs caused by COVID-19 in 2020. From an earlier unemployment rate of 7.11 percent, it has now dropped to 6.57 percent, the lowest since March 2021, according to the CMIE.

The Indian start-up ecosystem has created a lot of employment opportunities in challenging times and EdTech has emerged as a significant job creator according to IEC data collected from its members.

The EdTech sector is working on a two-pronged approach to improve overall employment and opportunities for the Indian workforce. While the sector itself is recruiting top-notch talent for business growth, EdTech companies are training students across the spectrum to secure better jobs through training and upskilling. In addition to direct employment, Indian EdTech companies are also responsible for creating ancillary job opportunities to support business activities and growth.

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