India’s first indigenously developed polycentric prosthetic knee has been introduced

Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras have launched India’s first home-made polycentric prosthetic knee, aimed at improving the quality of life of thousands of injured people above the ‘Kadam’ knee.

Kadam makes it possible for injured people above the knee to move comfortably. Not just mobility, it aims to improve users’ quality of life through increased community participation, access to education, livelihood opportunities and overall well-being.

It was created by a team from the TTK Center for Rehabilitation Research and Device Development (R2D2) at IIT Madras, which developed and commercialized the country’s first permanent wheelchair and neofly-neobolt: active wheelchair and motorized add-on. Internal-external dynamics. R2D2 is involved in the study of human movement, and the design and development of rehabilitation and supportive devices for people with mobility impairments.

The unique aspects of the step include:

  • Suitable for short / long remaining limbs after transfemoral (above the knee) dissection
  • The polycentric 4-bar knee joint gives the user better control of the bend-extension
  • Made with high strength materials: Aluminum Alloy – Al 6061 T6, Stainless Steel – SS 304
  • Customizable stability adjustment depending on user needs
  • Frictional swing control adjustment for different walking speeds
  • Patent 4-bar geometry (Indian Patent No. 338006) provides stability and improved ground clearance even in uneven terrain
  • Provides maximum knee bend of 160 degrees or more (range limited by socket)
  • Multi-centric user experiments were performed with users walking on different surfaces and steep slopes
  • ISO 10328 compliant for proof strength, ultimate strength, fatigue strength for P4 condition (80kg user weight)

The SBMT, which supported development, was established by former President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam to enable the development of indigenous medical devices under DRDO. Mobility India, an NGO based in Bangalore, will oversee the fitness and training processes and ensure easy access for users, as well as mass-produce and market Kadam.

The R2D2 Center engineers engineer user-centric affordable products for rehabilitation needs in India and abroad, works with clinical specialists, NGOs and hospitals, creates a research environment for field-testing designs, and evaluates assistive device designs from biomechanical. Effective position.

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