Infinite Fellow Jeremiah Thoronka has received the 100 000 Global Student Award

Thronka has developed a device that uses kinetic energy from traffic and pedestrians to generate clean energy.

Jeremiah Thoronka, Anant Fellow of Climate Action at Anant National University, was awarded the 2021 Global Student Prize of ,000 100,000 at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris. Jeremiah, a student from Sierra Leone, has been awarded in recognition of his real impact on learning through the innovation of clean energy. He invented a device that generates clean energy using kinetic energy from traffic and pedestrians.

A proponent of renewable energy solutions, he is actively researching, developing and designing cold chain logistics components for various innovations such as solar systems and efficient cooling systems. He has written numerous energy-related articles and has received numerous international accolades, including the Commonwealth Youth Award for Excellence in Development 2021-Africa, the United Nations Academic Impact Millennium Fellow, the United Nations, and the Millennium Campus Network.

The Infinite Fellowship for Climate Action, a unique one-year global program focused on addressing climate change, prides itself on an eclectic mix of climate solvers across geographic location, occupation and age group. The current team consists of 24 Fellows from 13 countries across various domains, including microbiology research, biodiversity conservation, AI and data science, environmental activism, corporate sustainability, agriculture and marine ecosystems, and more. It is committed to empowering the global climate action community by bringing together climate experts such as faculty members, mentors, alumni and partners in a common platform for meaningful dialogue, learning and collaboration.

The Fellowship is looking to expand its network of climate change solvers and invites applications to join its kind of program to create sustainable solutions. You can learn more about this program on the University website.

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