International Girl Child Day PPDN continues to train young girls

The girls of Navi Mumbai inspire others through short video stories of their success overcoming the adversity of educational opportunities by overcoming the digital divide.

People Powered Digital Narratives (PPDN) is working with young girls from marginalized backgrounds, training them to tell stories through mobile videos. The aim is to train and encourage more young girls to tell inspirational stories about the disadvantages of learning through short mobile videos. On International Girl Child Day, these girls created a video that inspired other girls to tell their stories through short videos.

In the video, Goody Gupta, Ahna Patel, Nagma Selim Siddiqui, Shraddha Gadge, and Khushi Joyswal – all in their 13s and 18s – all from Navi Mumbai – talk about the challenges they faced in getting education during the Covid-inspired period. , Ranging from irregular internet to living in small houses in the surrounding area and helping with household chores. Girls explain their efforts to break the digital divide and get an online education.

“Over the last year and a half, we’ve had a lot of problems getting into education. All of a sudden everything has gone online, which means we have to tackle other challenges as well as get online education fast,” said Goody Gupta, 17. Age class 12 students.

Shraddha Gadge, a 13-year-old 9th grader, said, “We started the #ConfessionBox video using the camera as our friend with whom we can talk. It enables us to explain our challenges and how we can overcome them. The purpose is to inspire. Encourage more girls like us to come forward and start a conversation about the need to facilitate access to learning. “

The girls then encourage others to share their stories via the #ConfessionBox video which will be displayed on #HerAkshar’s Facebook page.

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