International Village School is celebrating International Week 2022

Students and staff of International Village School are celebrating International Week 2022

International Village School is one of the top IGCSE schools in Chennai. Academic institutions provide an outstanding international educational experience to students from near and far. The main objective is to sharpen the talents, character and overall well-being of the students and build them as world citizens and future leaders. The school offers international undergraduate courses in a world-class environment, making it one of the best and most famous schools in Chennai.

International Village School recently celebrated International Week 2022. The student and staff communities have enjoyed and benefited from a week full of fun and informative events. International Week brings together international and domestic students and showcases their diverse rich culture.

Celebrating International Week 2022 also provides a break from the normal school routine for IVS students and teachers. It has given them diverse cultural differences and invaluable exposure to global resources. It has also helped in inculcating a sense of community and friendship among the students.

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