Internship Career Scholarship for Girls ICSG 2022

The scholarship will be paid as an allowance for pursuing an internship or taking a project in selected cases, paying for a special training program, special equipment etc.

The internship, recruitment and training platform, has announced its annual scholarship, the Internship Career Scholarship for Girls (ICSG) – 2022. ICSG is Rs. 25,000. The award is meant to recognize a girl who has fought adversity for her dream career – academics, sports, arts or any other field.

Any girl of Indian nationality between the ages of 17 and 23 (as on 31st December, 2021) is eligible to apply for the scholarship between 15th January, 2022. To apply, students must fill out this form and state their career purpose Applications will be shortlisted based on four components, including adversity, achievement, purpose and need.

Application Process:

  1. Online Form – Submission of Application.
  2. Interview – A short list for a telephone interview will be announced and an interview will be conducted. You will be asked to provide all necessary documents and evidence prior to the interview.
  3. Referee Check – After the interview, your referee will be contacted for verification (given in the form), then final winner will be selected and announced.

The inspiration for this scholarship is the tragic coincidence that Nirvana’s life struggle ended on the same day that Internshala celebrated its second anniversary (December 29, 2012). Through ICSG, the internship has been able to help girls who are relentlessly pursuing their careers after overcoming adversity and overcoming adversity.

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