ITC has introduced acoustic anthem to applaud students returning to class.

ITC Classmate Music marks Children’s Day as the beginning of a new chapter of hope and joy for students.

ITC Classmate, a notebook brand with unparalleled product quality and a firm commitment to share students in their learning and development journey, today unveiled a musical package that marks the beginning of a new and positive phase in the lives of longtime students returning to school. Launched on Time Children’s Day, the song, composed as an audible song of academic life, consists of a combination of ear-pleasing words that bring back happy and fond memories from school and college time.

Together with the melody of music, the sounds of everyday school, such as the sound of school bells, the muffled sound of paper in notebooks, even the stimulating sound of chalk writing on the blackboard, and the teacher greet the students. The voice of the song. At the heart of the audio-visual presentation is the emphasis on the single most essential element of any academic life – the writing and the notebook on which it is scribbled. The purpose of the revived music is to inspire students, to revive the memory of the school through the notebooks of classmates who have resumed their academic journey after being disrupted by the Kovid epidemic.

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