Jalna Official School encourages children to get Covid 19 vaccine

Manuj Jindal, chief executive officer of Jalna district council, came up with the idea of ​​sending a request letter to parents through schoolgirls.

Authorities in Jalna, Maharashtra, are taking school children to encourage their parents to get vaccinated against COVID-19 under the state government’s ‘Kabach Kundal Abhiyan’. Jalna district council chief executive Manuj Jindal has hit out at the idea of ​​sending a request letter to parents through school children to allay doubts about vaccinations and bring more beneficiaries under the ‘Kabach Kundal Abhiyan’, officials said on Tuesday.

“Parents should sign the letter with a promise that they will be vaccinated as soon as possible if they have not yet done so. Children’s letters must be returned to school.”

He added that the initiative, which covers public and private schools, has been titled ‘Balkancha Suraksha Saathi, Palkancha Vaccination’. Jayshree Bhusare, in-charge of Jalna vaccination, said on Tuesday that a total of 12,74,460 people had been vaccinated in the district, of which 9,18,135 had been given the first dose and 3,56,325 were now being fully vaccinated.


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