Jetking Partner with Near Protocol for Blockchain Technology Course

Introduce 100,000 young people to high-paying blockchain work, starting with a 60-minute training capsule free compliment program.

Jetking Infotrain, a public limited company in India, has announced its partnership with Near Protocol. Near Protocol is an open-source platform that enables manufacturers, communities and markets to operate in a more open, interconnected and consumer-empowered world.

One foundation course after another, led by instructors in blockchain technology, is designed based on the comprehensive industry-driven curriculum approved by the National Skills Qualification Framework. The course, developed by Jetking and Near Protocols, will be distributed live online by highly trained blockchain experts in the industry. It is the hottest technology in the IT domain and Jetking is currently in the domain industry stage where platforms are being created and companies are exploring. So, choosing blockchain as the career domain is the best choice.

The curriculum, designed by Jetking Infotrain, will enable 1 million + students to access the free perception program of 180-minute training capsules in blockchain technology. Through this they will create a better life for students, franchisees, employers and investors.

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