JK spends more money than other states on developing youth potential in education

Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha laid the foundation stone of 11 infrastructure projects at a total cost of Rs 43.91 crore on the main campus and offsite sites in Ramnagar, Reasi and Kathua.

Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha presided over the closing ceremony of the year-long golden jubilee celebrations of the University of Jammu on Friday and said that Jammu and Kashmir was spending more money than any other state in the country to nurture the talents of the youth in education and both. Sports

On the occasion, he inaugurated 11 infrastructure projects worth Rs 43.91 crore at Ramnagar, Reasi and Kathua main campuses and offsite campuses.

“Jammu and Kashmir is spending more money than any other state in the country to nurture the talents of youth in both education and sports. Many of you know that the budget for youth services and sports in Jammu and Kashmir this year is Rs. Said.

Sinha emphasized the need for a future-oriented, value-based and ambitious education system that enhances personality. He said he expects new thinking from future students and teachers and a massive improvement in the education system.

“It is very possible to keep pace with the rapidly evolving technology in the education ecosystem and equip future students with cognitive and rigorous skills. Both teachers and students should be willing to learn and re-learn,” he urged.

The lieutenant governor praised the university administration for achieving A + grades in a recent NAAC report, as well as students, faculty members and the vice-chancellor for the newly inaugurated infrastructure projects. Emphasizing the dynamism of the contemporary education ecosystem, the lieutenant governor said that universities and colleges could no longer afford to produce ordinary students.

Teachers need to constantly develop new approaches to enrich the syllabus and students need to learn things outside the prescribed curriculum. “The key driving force of the future is knowledge. The rate at which we can adapt to new teaching methods, new research programs is increasing. The pace of scientific and technological innovation requires much faster, faster adaptability from both teachers and students,” Sinha stressed.

It is important to remember that universities and colleges have immense potential and a small change in the curriculum can have a decisive impact on the socio-economic environment, he added.

The Lieutenant Governor noted that as the Union Territory prepares for a new industrial revolution, educational institutions need to create skilled human capital in line with the needs of the industry. “I urge educators to analyze and adapt to changing dynamics and to fill in the gaps to keep pace with the ever-changing learning ecosystem,” he said.

“The new education policy calls on educators to move beyond reading, writing and arithmetic and emphasizing the development of future creators who influence positive change in society through innovation, creativity, empathy, decency and sensitivity,” he added.

The Lieutenant Governor assured the people that the administration of Jammu and Kashmir would not allow any shortage of resources for the development of educational institutions in the Union Territory.


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