Johns Hopkins University-backed Project Accelerate launches Safe Life website

The platform will serve as a guide to STD and HIV prevention and provide services to help people living with HIV lead healthy lives.

Today, on World AIDS Day, the National AIDS Control Agency (NACO) in technical partnership with YRGCARE, The Fenway Institute and Blue Lotus Advisory, funded by USAID / PEPFAR and implemented by Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Project Axil. ,, an online platform that provides information and services for HIV testing, prevention, treatment and care through public sector and non-governmental organizations in India in collaboration with various community based organizations. aims to create a widespread demand for risk assessment, innovation prevention, and testing services (such as PrEP and HIV self-testing) and to be an online service delivery platform with tele-consultation with medical and counseling professionals to ensure loyalty. There are connections to treatment and care. Safe Life has a team of trained counselors who are ready to assist users with hands-on testing services, answer their questions, offer counseling and connect with doctors and health centers. Safe Life is currently active in 49 cities in 20 states of India.

Speaking at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Dr. Sunil Suhas Solomon, speaking at the Safe Life Roll Out, said: This is because it prevents the spread of AIDS. Safe living is our effort to increase access to information and range of services to prevent and control AIDS. “

Dr. Jalpa Thackeray, Director of Accelerate Program at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, said: We have many traditional ways of testing for HIV. One can go to a facility called Integrated Counseling and Testing Center for testing, counseling and linking for the next follow up. One has to go to the facility, the money that has to be spent and lost due to the time allotted for the test and most importantly, the fear of losing privacy and the stigma of going there. The advantage of HIV testing. And will promote HIV self-testing for early diagnosis and treatment. This is a pre-exposure benefit. Combinations such as Lexis will improve immune systems and enable healthy living practices among HIV-infected people. “

Users can order HIV self-test kits at and courier them at a convenient location or even pick up the kits from nearby pick-up points. They can test themselves or under the supervision of an expert. Safe Life is a virtual one-stop shop aimed at meeting people ‘wherever they are’, giving them access to the services and facilities they need, as well as freedom of choice and comfort.

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