Kerala schools will be re-opened in phases from November 1, Chief Minister Pinarayi Bijayan said

Schools from classes 1 to 7, 10, and 12 will return on November 1st, with other courses starting November 15th.

On Wednesday, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Bijayan said that schools in Kerala, which had been closed for a year and a half after the outbreak of COVID-19, would be reopened from November 1 with classes 1 to 7, 10 and 12.

Speaking to reporters, the chief minister said the remaining classes would start from November 15 and preparations for reopening the schools were in full swing.

To ensure the safety and security of children attending classes, health and education ministers will convene a high-level meeting on Thursday and then, a draft action plan will be drawn up and discussed with other departments before it is finalized, he said. .

He further said that in order to allay the concerns of students and parents, measures would be taken at the state and district level in consultation with parent-teacher associations and other agencies.

He said police have also been involved in preparing plans to ensure the safety of students during their travels after schools and colleges reopen.

He said the movement of vehicles outside the educational institution would be controlled so that no illegal or unsuitable vehicles would be parked and no one would be allowed to gather in front of the school unnecessarily.

Unused school vehicles will be repaired with the help of the police for this period and SHOs will contact the agencies to ensure this, he said.

In addition, SHOs will provide special training to school vehicle drivers and conductors on the safety precautions to be taken when ferrying children, he said.

He said police officers would be trained on how to maintain social distance, use sanitizers and wear proper masks.

In Kerala, 19,675 new COVID-19 cases and 142 deaths were reported on Wednesday, bringing the caseload to 45,59,628 and the death toll to 24,039.

The number of recoveries from the infection since Tuesday was 19,702, bringing the total number of recoveries to 43,73,966 and the number of active cases to 1,61,026, an official press release said.


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