Key Innovations K-12 schools should be “post-pandemic”

Key Innovations K-12 schools should be “post-pandemic”

Performed by Kevin Hogan, School News, Editor-in-Chief

k12 Invention

The future of education is being determined now, as schools adapt to new models of virtual, hybrid and personal education. Although much remains to be done, experts know that the focus of each model is our reliance on innovative technology.

Join us on July 28th at 2pm for a webinar focusing on how last year’s disruption has opened up the possibility of real and radical change and what it means for administrators and academics alike. The exciting event will feature first-hand experience from a respected school news reporter, Kevin Hogan, customer success Teresa Anania’s Gendesk VP and two Gendesk customers.

Meet your speakers

Teresa Anania

Teresa Anania
Global Customer Success and Renewals @ Vice President of Gendesk

Teresa Anania is Vice President of Global Customer Success and Renewals at Zendesk, where she is responsible for the management and development of the company’s global client base, including all customer segments of our smallest customers from the enterprise. Its motivation is to ensure that Gendesk customers realize the highest business value throughout the customer’s life cycle and achieve their ROI goals that ensure their renewal and expansion opportunities. Prior to Gendesk, Teresa was Senior Director of Customer Success at Autodesk where she created ground-up scale and tech-touch practices in all segments of the market. Teresa is passionate about developing personalized, results-driven experiences that drive customer acceptance, retention, loyalty and lifetime value.

Kimberly Smith

Kimberly Smith
Director of Communications and Public Relations: Alif Independent School District

Kimberly has over 20 years of experience in marketing and public relations. As Director of Communications and Public Relations for the Alif Independent School District, he is primarily responsible for the strategic marketing and public relations of Alief ISD, a district of more than 47,000 students on 45 campuses. Prior to working at Alif ISD, he spent 14 years as director of marketing and promotion for the Texas Gulf Coast Small Business Development Center Network, Houston Systems University’s largest economic development program. Kimberly’s vast experience in strategic marketing has helped businesses, both large and small; Build brands across different industries. He has created award-winning campaigns on national and international accounts such as Jesse Penny, Bassett Furniture Industries, HCA Healthcare and Christus Health. Kimberly National School is a member of the Texas Chapter of the Public Relations Association.

I'll bring Michael

I’ll bring Michael
Director of Technology: Valley Christian School (San Jose)

Mike Annab joined Valley Christian School in 1997 to support the IT group’s faculty and staff. Since then, he has spearheaded efforts to integrate automation and technology that has earned VCS a reputation as one of the leading private schools in the Gulf region, especially in the use of technology for learning as well as facilitating the business side of the organization. As director of technology, Mike is responsible for the overall functionality of VCS ‘LAN / WAN, from desktop to the Internet and beyond, as well as for the creation of productivity and customer-centric IT policies and procedures designed to maximize and minimize uptime. Mike and his team led the effort to pivot from instruction in the classroom in a highly successful and often acclaimed online learning strategy, using dedicated hardware-supporting online meetings and collaborative technology to connect students with teachers throughout the epidemic.

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