KnowledgeHut collaborates with TinkerLabs to offer design thinking programs

This program will enable companies to build innovation and capitalize on new opportunities

upGrad KnowledgeHut, a Bangalore-based technology skills provider and Asia’s top Edtech major, a part of upGrad, has announced the rollout of its long-awaited design thinking program in collaboration with TinkerLabs, an innovation training and consulting firm. The new program aims to build design thinking skills for professionals across different sectors and empower them to develop innovative solutions to complex problems.

Design thinking is a catalyst for innovation, especially when businesses operate in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) environments. Also, with the rapid digitization of businesses and the rise of AI and ML technology, ethics is essential when making decisions when developing new products, which can have an impact on society. According to the World Economic Forum, analytical thinking and innovation, including complex problem and critical thinking analysis, will be among the top 10 skills of 2025. The basics of this program will help companies provide solutions through three main lenses of innovation, which include aspiration, functionality and feasibility.

The new program offered by upGrad KnowledgeHut will enable the workforce to harness the power of different perspectives and creativity in a short period of 12-14 hours immersed learning. It is designed to help organizations or individuals, or groups, understand and navigate obscure problems, define clear and functional problem statements, capture new ideas, as well as provide an understanding of prototyping and testing.

The new program has been part of KnowledgeHut’s aggressive expansion plan since it was part of the edtech major upgrade last year.

The program aims to develop C-Suite executives to take on challenging roles in strategy and innovation, to enable mid-level and senior managers to have high-level roles inside and outside the organization, to develop and solve problems, to become analysts and a reputable company with a good salary. New graduates to place. The workshop is immediately available to students enrolled in its March, 2022 group. Click here for more information.

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