Law graduates secure jobs through LawSikho

Law graduates and Indian students are taking advantage of the global remote economy through LawSikho.

With a job market that is simply becoming more competitive with each passing day, more and more new law graduates and even experienced professionals looking for advancement in their careers find it difficult to set foot in the industry.

With high-demand skills, intensive education and their focus on developing practical knowledge, Lo Sikho is equipping students to stay on top of a fast-growing and ever-changing market even in the midst of an epidemic.

In August, the New Delhi-based ad-tech company secured 176 internships, 15 jobs and 79 freelancing gigs for its students. Gaining international opportunities at organizations such as Universal Translation Solutions, Kulkarni Law Firm, HLOOV, and USAIndiaCFO, in addition to reputable Indian law firms such as Finsec Law Advisors and Fox Circle, Law Seekho ensures that lawyers and law students may be far away from money laundering. And able to make the most of their potential. To put matters into perspective, over the past year, LawSikho has secured more than 1,500+ internships and 117 jobs for their students, with 280 international clients choosing to work as remote freelancers.

August 2021

Total jobs: 15
HighlightsLeading positions were Kohli & Sobti, Capgemini, Wadia Gandhi & Co, AceLegal, A&A, and Advani & Co. Our candidates have also been shortlisted for job opportunities in IndusLaw and are currently in the interview stage. The highest salary package was Rs 10 LPA (Capgemini) – secured by a candidate with our help and secured by the 4.2 LPA (Kohli & Sobti) placement team. The average package was Rs 3.3 LPA.

Total internships: 155
Highlights: 3 International Success Stories (Kulkarni Law Firm (USA), HLOOV (UAE), and USAindiaCFO (USA)). 15 students received internships with HSA advocates and 10 students received paid internships with a legal / fintech platform RuleZero. The maximum stipend for the internship by Kulkarni Law Firm is Rs. 14,600 which will be paid to the candidate for successful completion of the internship and the average stipend for the students who get paid internship this month is Rs. 5,000.

Total Legal Freelancing: 16
Highlights: Students have worked with startups on patent registration and contract review, proposing a film writer, an Australian client, an international firm under international trade law, and a trademark registration proposal. The maximum amount earned by a freelancer was Rs. About 50,000 (by a student who worked with a patent on an AI startup)

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