Les Roaches has appointed Carlos de las de la Lastra as CEO

Diez de la Lastra will use his extensive experience and network to put Les Roches at the forefront of hospitality digitization and the expansion of the Les Roches International Network.

Les Roches Global Hospitality Education, a hospitality business school, has nominated Carlos de la La Lastra as CEO. Appointed by the Governing Body, he will replace the retired Dr. Christine Damen Meyer. In 3 years under the leadership of Les Roches, he has achieved great success, such as the launch of the Spark Innovation Center and the new Masters in Hospitality Strategy and Digital Transformation.

Considered one of Spain’s 150 most influential tourism professionals, Carlos de la Lastra brings with him 25 years of experience in higher education, the head of the last eight marble les roches campus, where he established the organization’s leadership in Spain and its expansion on an international scale. Prior to joining Les Roches, Diz de la Lastra was Vice President and Director General of European University Expansion in the Canary Islands, Spain, as part of a global network of winning international universities.

Carlos DJ de la Lastra has a proven track record of establishing strong relationships with directors and businessmen in the industry. He has contributed to a number of expert focus groups, including a committee formed by the Turismo Costa del Sol to tackle the epidemic challenge and the World Tourism Organization’s (UNWTO) online education committee.

He uses this extensive experience and network to further the hospitality digitization and innovation of Les Roches, overseeing the expansion of the Les Roches International Network, now comprising campuses in Switzerland (Cranes-Montana), Spain (Marbella) and China (Shanghai). ) With a team of about 3,000 students and 320 employees.

Díez de la Lastra holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and business science from Complutens University in Madrid and a master’s degree in business administration এম MBA from IEDE. He commented: “I welcome the challenge of leading one of the best educational institutions in the world. We take on the great legacy of Christine Damen Meyer that will enable us to begin this promising new phase of Les Roches with a strong foundation. We are in a challenging time, yet the industry is full of opportunities. Education will not only serve as a springboard for the growth of hospitality and tourism, but also as a reformer of many of its concepts. I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to lead this new level on a global scale with Les Roches. “

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