Lovely Professional University is partnering with Google Cloud to launch the course

The new undergraduate course, Computer Science Engineering (CSE) in Bachelor in Technology (B.Tech) in Cloud Computing, specializes in Google Cloud to nurture the first-generation cloud.

Lovely Professional University (LPU), the country’s leading private university, has partnered with Google Cloud India to launch a new Bachelor in Technology (B.Tech) course on Computer Science Engineering (CSE) cloud computing, specializing in Google Cloud. . To equip students with the skills necessary for a cloud-first modern workplace career.

Cloud-first generation upbringing

LPU-Google’s B.Tech Cloud Computing Course is a new four-year undergraduate course designed for students with little or no background or experience in cloud computing, and the cloud infrastructure, big data, and machine learning in Google Cloud.

LPU and Google Cloud have jointly designed the curriculum to help students build their careers in this fast-growing cloud computing sector. The Multidisciplinary Course contains industry-relevant elective courses and encourages the creation of deep skills through industry-recognized training, skill badges and certification.

The curriculum provides a comprehensive introduction to cloud technology through student concepts, hands-on labs, assessments and subject certification:

  • Cloud Basic, Big Data and Machine Learning
  • Google Cloud’s flexible infrastructure and platform services
  • Gain insights from data using the analytics and visualization tools in Google Cloud
  • Design, develop and deploy applications that seamlessly integrate elements of the Google Cloud ecosystem
  • Site reliability is the basic and best practice of engineering

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