Manappuram Finance Leadership Change Management Program has been launched

Times Professional Learning, IIM Trichy has emerged as a strategic partner for providing leadership and change management programs for Manapuram Finance.

The Times Professional Learning (TPL) and the Indian Institute of Management Tiruchirappalli have launched a management development program specifically to provide leadership and change management programs for senior professionals at Manappuram Finance Ltd. to equip them with new age leadership and change management skills. .

The six-month virtual program will focus on modules such as internal and external stakeholder alignment, sustainability, organization development, interpersonal and personal alignment, as well as individual, strategic and relevant aspects of leadership. Participants will receive a project for company use that will teach them about leadership and change, noted Professor Vijaya, one of the program directors. Professor Deepak Srivastava, one of the program directors, added that change management would be most relevant to Manappuram Finance, which has existed since 1949 and has grown exponentially with the Indian economy.

Nanda Kumar, MD and CEO of Manappuram Finance, shared that the company has gone through many changes, and this is an important initiative for managing high skills and development of managers to cope with the changes and move the company forward and contribute to organizational development.

Pedagogy will focus on experiential learning through simulations, case studies, management exercises, and class discussions. Prominent teachers will deliver lectures in Direct-to-Device (D2D) mode through a state-of-the-art TPL platform.

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