Measuring the impact of personalized learning

Measuring the impact of personalized learning

Performed by Kevin Hogan, School News, Editor-in-Chief

Teachers must build strong, trustworthy and collaborative relationships with their students to ensure that their engagement increases.

Personalized learning is much more important than ever to help students recover lost learning and socio-emotional growth, as well as teachers in need of solutions. While Adtech’s advances over the past decade have helped make personalized learning strategies more efficient, scalable, and achievable for educators, many strategies have been forced to take a back seat to more stressful challenges during the epidemic.

Join this panel of school news and experts to see what personalized learning looks like now and what’s going to happen, share best practices, and learn why evaluation and accountability are more important than ever in today’s K-12 landscape.

We hear from industry experts:

  • Bill Daggett, Ed., Founder, successful practice network and international center for leadership in education.
  • Nioka McCoy, Senior Vice President and Chief Academic Officer @ Stride
  • Phil Emer, Principal, AWS K12 Vertical Team

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Meet your speakers

Bill Daggett, Ed.
Founder, Successful Practice Network and International Center for Leadership in Education

Dr. Dagget is recognized worldwide for his proven ability to lead the PRE-12 education system toward more rigorous and relevant skills and knowledge for all students. For over 30 years, he has led our country to lead school reform efforts to effectively prepare students for their future. While an avid supporter of public education, he challenges all of us to focus more on the future of our children than on keeping our youth in school. His insights and leadership have persuaded almost every major education association in the country, hundreds of school districts, countless political and business leaders, publishers and others to seek his advice and guidance. Dr. Dagget began his career as a teacher, local administrator, and then director of the New York State Department of Education. She spends most of her time providing leadership and guidance at the National Dropout Prevention Center and the Career and Technical Education Technical Support Center.

Nioka McCoy
Senior Vice President and Chief Academic Officer @ Stride

As Chief Academic Officer, Mrs. McCoy can use her intelligence to drive educational equality, assist in creating robust academic programs, and continue to focus on developing teachers and leaders around the world to be effective in the online learning environment. It aims to create a platform that opens the door to high quality, professional development for teachers and leaders in any school setting. Ms. McCoy has been a member of the Stride / K12 community since 2007 and enjoys every moment of his work. He is from Savannah, Georgia, but currently lives in Jacksonville, Florida with his nine-year-old daughter. Mrs. McCoy is an avid reader and truly believes that books open the door to new opportunities, new experiences and most new worlds.

Phil M.
Principal, AWS K12 Vertical Team

Phil Emmer has spent more than 30 years working at the crossroads of information technology, research, academia and business – a time division between the public and private sectors. He is currently working as a principal with the AWS K12 vertical team. Phil comes to AWS from the Friday Institute (FI) where he has spent 13 years planning, designing and implementing technology programs, including the NC School Connectivity Initiative, the NC Education Cloud, the NC Digital Learning Plan, and the School Business System Modernization Program.

Kevin Hogan
Kevin Hogan, School News, Editor-in-Chief

Kevin is a pioneer-thinking media executive with over 25 years of experience building brands and audiences online, in print and face to face. He is an acclaimed writer, editor and commentator who has bridged the gap between society and technology, especially education technology.

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