Mercer Mettl has hired Kangana Shekhar as VP HR Special Project

Mercer | Mettl, the global talent acquisition and management firm, has hired Kangana Shekhar as VP-Human Resources and Special Projects to strengthen its HR operations and expand its global presence. He will be responsible for the internal collaboration between Mettl and Marsh McLennan. Kangan will also play a key role in aligning organizational development and efficiency with the acquisition of Mercer.

Kangan has nearly two decades of rich and vast experience in human resources. He is a proven leader in integration and acquisition in all industries including banking, finance, technology and pharmaceuticals.

He will manage performance management processes to support a high-performance culture at the individual and organizational level. He will lead the award and recognition strategy to help the organization achieve its strategic objectives.

Commenting on the development, Siddharth Gupta, CEO, Mercer “I am delighted to have someone with a caliber of bracelets join us at Metal,” said Metal. We are confident that his extensive experience will have a positive impact and strengthen Mercer Metal. HR is an important vertical for us, and will certainly help Kangan reach its goals and endeavors, which are expanding our global presence. ”

Kangan began his career with Hewitt Associates in 2003, where he spent nearly 4 years before moving into the industry, where he spent more than 3 years across American Express and Barclays Finance, on their award team, respectively. The scope of his work has spread beyond India to the countries of South Asia and the Middle East.

He was then associated with Towers Watson, where he led talent and award practice for the North. His last role before moving to Mercer Metal has been with Mercer Consulting for over 9 years, where he has led multiple industries for the Indian consulting business and managed the Sri Lankan market.

In his appointment with Mercer “I am thrilled to be part of the leadership team at Mercer,” said Metal, Kangana Shekhar Metal. Because of my role as the Integration Lead I have already experienced great culture and leadership here. I am thrilled with the new challenges and opportunities that await me in this role and look forward to working towards Metal’s success. “

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