Messiah for children who have lost their parents to Kovid

Shashi Prakash has become a savior for Kovid for children who have lost their parents.

A large number of children across the country have lost their families due to Kovid-19. In many cases, the support of both parents has gone from the children and in such a situation, a cloud of uncertainty has begun to hover over their future. To help such children, Shashi Prakash from Baliya in Uttar Pradesh has extended a helping hand by investing his deposit.

Prakash, who was born in a farming family, is trying his best to ensure that the education of such children is not hampered. Coming from a small village in Baliar and having his primary education in a government school, he then finished studying engineering from Roorkee. After finishing engineering, he leaned towards teaching. And has been engaged in uninterrupted teaching for the past 14 years, currently teaching students at UNA Academy from Kota.

To fulfill this goal of helping these helpless children, he has invested all his deposits and also appealed to the countrymen to come forward and help such children.

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