Mindler has launched the world’s largest internship drive

The edtech firm has launched an internship drive for 12th graders across India and the Middle East.

Mindler, India’s leading career guidance platform, has launched the Mindler internship program for 12th graders across India and the Middle East. More than 25,000 students are expected to participate in the Mindler Internship Program, the largest student internship drive in the world. The free, student-first initiative will see students from more than 1,000 schools in India and more than 70 schools in the Middle East go through a 5-week virtual internship that will give them the experience of internship with fast-paced growth. Organization. The initiative is in collaboration with Mindler Afairs (one of Asia’s leading education enables for student-university outreach) and Education World.

With limited epidemic opportunities for students to build their profiles and gain exposure to real-life skills, the Mindler Internship Program is a perfect platform for 12th graders to improve themselves with the skills needed to transition from school to college.

All students participating in this internship will have access to the Mindler Navigate mobile app, which is available on both the Google Play Store and the Apple iOS Store. Students will have access to an exciting gamified leader board that will enable them to complete their various tasks and assignments, earn badges and win various prizes worth over R 1 million, including Apple iPads, Air Pods and Amazon vouchers. In addition, students will receive offer letters, certificates of completion, letters of recommendation and will be eligible to win scholarships worth up to Rs 25 crore from leading universities during their tenure in the Mindler Internship Program.

As part of this internship drive, students will build a parallel virtual simulated organization in the next few months, which will become a huge project to empower more than 200,000 students across the country. Under the program, students will be able to work from home and build skills in a variety of domains, including entrepreneurship, digital marketing, disruptive careers, obsolete careers, time management, personality mapping, motivation, public speaking and more. Master class. This inspiring endeavor will further guide and support young leaders who are going to be the future ‘DG-Prenoor’ (Digital Marketer + Entrepreneur).

Registrations for the Mindler Internship Program are now open and the 1st batch will begin on December 26, 2021. Link to register for the program 7

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