NCC ADG announces new NCC curriculum for schools and colleges in Jharkhand

A new National Cadet Corps (NCC) curriculum will be adopted in schools and colleges in Jharkhand.

The new curriculum for the National Cadet Corps (NCC) will be implemented in schools and colleges in Jharkhand, said Maj Gen M Indrabalan, NCC Additional Director General, Bihar and Jharkhand NCC Directorate here on Wednesday. The new syllabus will be included under the choice-based credit system and the Jharkhand government has given its approval for it, a state government statement said.

“Major General M Indrabalan, Additional Director General, Bihar-Jharkhand NCC Directorate, said that the NCC has so far made many changes in the training of cadets, the unique step being to implement it as a subject in the university. New education system. Under the new project, NCC cadets Their performance will have the advantage of number as well as academic recognition, ”the statement said.

Until now NCC training was done under extra curriculum and cadets could only get benefits as per state policy. The NCC official said that such national colleges and schools will also be identified which have been recognized by the NCC for training but are not doing so when notices are given to institutions with poor performance.

The process of hiring new professors for training NCC cadets has also started, the statement said. A training program for naval cadets has started in Jharkhand and will be conducted in Patratu, the official said, adding that a proposal for training program at Tilaiya Dam has also been prepared and approved by the state government.


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