NIT pushes the boundaries of Andhra Pradesh chemistry education

Andhra Pradesh National Institute of Technology is encouraging its faculty and researchers to focus on chemical sciences.

The National Institute of Technology Andhra Pradesh is encouraging its faculty and researchers on how chemical science can solve not only today’s problems but also future ones. To this end, the Institute is organizing a five-day online faculty development program on ‘Progress and Challenges in Chemical Sciences’ from 20 to 24 September 2021. The goal of the program is to discuss advances in chemistry.

This five-day faculty development program was intended for faculty, scientists, and research scholars to upgrade their research knowledge and interact with experienced researchers. Speakers will provide insights into the importance of chemical sciences in synthetic organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry and chemical biology, crystal engineering and polymer chemistry.

Upon successful completion of the program, participants will be able to learn new methods for creating functional materials at the nano level using the concepts of molecular architecture and nanotechnology, to understand the role of intermolecular interactions in developing functional materials, to acquire biocompatible materials. Understanding the role of constituents in biological systems for the delivery of effective drugs for the treatment of cancer, gaining knowledge of the photo-redox catalyst method for biosynthesis and understanding molecular self-assembly and its usefulness in various fields.

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