Ole Funds Scholarship with LEAD to STEMTheGap

Encouraging more STEM education for girls, Olay School joins EdTech Unicorn, LEAD

According to the United Nations, women make up only 14 percent of the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) workforce in India. As a brand of science, but at the same time proudly a brand of women, the leading skincare brand Ole believes that there is a need for more women in STEM in the world and believes that it is time to change the equation of STEM gender gap in India.

Inherent in cultural barriers and stereotypical gender roles, women are often stereotyped as caretakers or housemaids and their studies are limited to teaching, nursing, fine arts and home economics. Olay has launched her #STEMTheGap initiative to encourage more Indian girls to fearlessly pursue STEM education and careers. To make this happen, Olay has launched a STEM scholarship program for girls in partnership with LEAD, a school adtech player.

By launching its meaningful initiative #STEMTheGap, Olay India is committed to helping close the gender gap in STEM. The brand has also unveiled a hard-hitting film that highlights how our unconscious biases teach girls that STEM is not for them and invites us to collectively address #STEMTheGap.

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