One-third of employers did not apply the technology when adapting to the ‘new’

New research from managed business IT services provider (M-BiTS) TDM Group shows that 29% of businesses with a turnover of over £ 500 million think their employees have the right tools to navigate the epidemic, with only 20% of businesses with £ 10 million – £ 49.99. Turnover in millions felt the same.

The study was conducted by the end of 2021, covering 1502 C-level executives and 155 employees of UK-based companies with 250-500 employees.

TDM Group CEO Tarek Meliti commented: “The striking aspect of these results is the number of businesses in these brackets who do not believe their employees had the right tools to navigate the epidemic. Surprisingly, it appears that businesses with higher turnover were better positioned to provide the necessary resources.

In this challenging and unprecedented time, business leaders of all sizes must learn from their experience. This should be seen as an opportunity for them to empower employees through new technologies that they are willing to embrace and help the business achieve its goals. Do not waste time and money by applying new technology for this. ”

Meliti added: “Business leaders must ensure that the company’s mindset is used to foster a culture of embracing new technologies through epidemic-fueling needs that embrace innovation and drive future growth.”

This white paper highlights, from the perspective of both business leaders and employees, the obstacles that businesses have encountered during the implementation of technology in transition – and continue to address. The research will help you understand everything from the current attitude towards digital transformation to the training of the necessary staff – all of which affect the bottom line.

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For TDM Group, its policy is to help businesses harness the potential of technology to act as business enablers, beyond being an IT service provider. The company refers to this holistic approach as Managed Business IT Services (M-BiTS), which recognizes that the human component is the foundation of every business’s common building block, be it data, processes or technology.

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