Organizes education fairs in Ireland

Education in Ireland’s virtual showcase has accelerated the exchange of information between students and Irish institutions of higher learning.

The challenges posed by the Kovid-19 epidemic have affected many Indian students’ dreams of studying abroad. The subsequent confusion with international travel bans and virtual classrooms has raised a number of doubts and concerns. Ireland is taking decisive action to address the situation, and last month was named the best country for its response to the epidemic (Bloomberg, September 2021).

To convey this message and address the questions of parents and students, the Government of Ireland under the Minister of Education and Skills has organized a brand Education Exhibition in Ireland, a virtual education exhibition for Indian and Sri Lankan students. The Virtual Showcase has emerged as a one-stop destination for participants to learn more about Ireland and address their concerns about the state of higher education in Ireland.

More than 3,000 people have registered for the event at the fair, and 45 delegates from 20 higher education institutions and various government and visa officials help students understand the process and requirements for their transfer to become international students in Ireland. The event featured more than 1,500 chat-based interactions between students and Irish delegates.

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