Oswaal Books has launched Oswaal 360

Extremely affordable app designed specifically to reach students – Oswaal Books’ long-term vision is to make digital learning affordable for all.

Oswaal Books, one of India’s most respected educational publishers, has announced the launch of its personalized test-based learning and practice app ‘Oswaal 360’. Maintaining the current board format, the Oswaal 360 was launched ahead of schedule nationally.

The Oswaal 360 app offers a comprehensive assessment of all 10th and 12th grade subjects. The questions will be based on new assessment schemes recently introduced by CBSE for 2021-2022 board exams. Some of the unique features of the Oswaal 360, a user-friendly app, include easy access (a subscription and access to everything) and daily updated practice tests with various difficulty levels.

Above all, cognitive learning tools such as memory, quick revision tools, mind maps and concept videos are also included. Other key features include live score updates and detailed solutions for on-the-spot analysis, MCQs will help you prepare for your actual board exam by chapter on all subjects. In addition, students will receive new daily practice papers to enhance their confidence, accuracy and time management skills.

The app has already been successfully launched in its early stages, with over 40,000 students in India adopting it. Indeed, – as such, the whole concept of the Oswaal 360 is based on growth and affordability.

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