Oxford University Press Launches Oxford Advantage Program for 3 5th Grade

This integrated learning solution provides schools with a wide suite of educational materials and services.

Oxford University Press (OUP), a division of the prestigious Oxford University based in the United Kingdom, has announced the launch of a revised version of the NEP aligned Oxford Advantage for students in grades 3-5. It is an integrated learning aid that serves as an end-to-end solution to a variety of educational needs in schools. It provides schools with a wide suite of educational materials and services to support a contemporary model of teaching and evaluation that is not only more attractive but also more relevant in this changing teaching-learning situation. The launch began with an insightful panel discussion on ‘NEP and its implications for school leaders’.

The panel included Dr. Madhuri Party, Director-Academic of Arabali Foundation; Sonal Pinto, director of the Ryan International Group of Institutions; Shanti Krishnamurthy, Director – Academics and Administration, Chinmoy International Residential School; Ramya Venkataraman, Founder and CEO, Center for Teaching Accreditation (CENTA); And Sumant Dutt, Managing Director, Oxford University Press India.

The discussion focuses on the importance of In-Service Continuing (Continuous) Professional Development (CPD), especially in the current challenging environment. Through online teacher training, webinars, workshops and other similar tools, OUP continues to support school leaders in implementing In-Service Continuing Professional Development (CPD). The discussion also highlighted NEP’s recommendations for technology integration to make education more attractive, relative and accessible. Through path-breaking integrated learning solutions such as Oxford Advantage, OUP is working to support NEP’s recommendation for seamless technology integration.

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