Part 2: How to unlock the power of creating shared videos

Part 2: How to unlock the power of creating shared videos

Performed by Kevin Hogan, School News, Editor-in-Chief

Academic-centric video-making technology has changed the game for content distribution, allowing districts to drop content silos and better communicate with students, families and even peers.

In this session we discuss how the convenience of sharing video content has revolutionized the way students communicate with each other, how it can facilitate new learning methods that build confidence in a safe environment and create greater transparency for parents and teachers among students. Learning and comprehension. We also discuss the most important features and functionality needed to keep content – and its creators – safe.

Join a panel of educators and edtech experts to learn how making it easier for teachers and students to share video content, turn their creations into high-impact learning assets and maintain a safe and secure learning environment.

In this webinar, you will learn how to share asynchronous videos:

  • Eliminates barriers between your teachers and students in any classroom environment
  • Gives parents and families more visibility of their students’ success
  • Offers a simple and secure solution to provide a safe place for students to grow up
  • There must be functions that keep teachers and students safe

We hear from industry experts:

  • Sam Carey, Founder & CEO, New Adtech Classroom
  • Henry Mann, Product Director, Screencastify
  • Dr. Jesse Fidelio Garza, Technology Integration Coordinator, Los Fresnos CISD

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Meet your speakers

Sam Carey
Founder and CEO, the new EdTech Classroom

Sam Carey is the founder of New AdTech Classroom, a startup dedicated to teaching educators how to design innovative classrooms with the help of technology. Sam is a former classroom teacher and a decade-long instructional instructor who spent his early career in the role of technology in education. Now, she works full-time through her YouTube channel, online courses and workshops to help teachers learn how to use technology to design interactive, engaging, authentic learning experiences to develop 21st Century skills in 4Cs. Sam is an ISTE Certified Educator, National Geographic Certified Educator, and Google Certified Instructor, and his work has been featured on Forbes to assist teachers during emergency distance learning. Follow him on Twitter @ newedtechclass, and take his free Teaching with Technology Starter Kit course at

Henry Mann
Product Manager, Screencastify

As director of products and a former educator, Henry likes to explore how Screencastify can create tools that help make teacher learning accessible to all. Henry has spent most of his career helping teachers around the world and around the world to implement innovative teaching practices, including steam curricula, student-centered classrooms, and interest-driven learning.

Dr. Jesse Fidelio Garza
Technology Integration Coordinator, Los Fresno CISD

I enjoy empowering teachers with technology resources! My doctoral studies took him backpacking in the green jungles of Honduras, tracking through the chandelier of the Palace of Versailles through the Hall of Mirrors, walking among the deer on Itusukushima Island, known as Miyajima (Shrine Island). I enjoy best practice research for educational leaders. I enjoy researching how technology is changing the lives of administrators, educators, students and communities around schools. Currently, my podcast: Go Beyond Greatness with Dr. Fidelio features iTunes Podcasts and Google Play. I covered topics such as: gratitude, the nation of procrastination, connected yet neglected, the desire for inspiration, and millennia and months. Let’s connect and get to know each other!

Kevin Hogan School News, Editor-in-Large

Kevin Hogan
Editor-in-Large @eSchool News

Kevin is a pioneer-thinking media executive with over 25 years of experience building brands and audiences online, in print and face to face. He is an acclaimed writer, editor and commentator who has covered the crossroads of society and technology, especially education technology.

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