Pathways School has launched an international undergraduate career program

Pathways School Gurgaon hosts a virtual webinar to launch an international undergraduate-career-related program for 11th and 12th graders. Has become the 2nd school in India to offer IBCP program

Pathways School Gurgaon hosts a virtual webinar for 11th and 12th grade students to introduce and create awareness about international graduate-career-related programs. Pathway School Gurgaon is the second school and the only one in North India to be recognized as a candidate. That school will offer the IBCP program. Currently, there is only 1 school in India that extends this type of educational offer.

The IB Diploma program is already an established and highly successful program. Which is a highly respected qualification. IBPP differs from most other programs in that it combines both academic and vocational studies into a flexible and coherent course, without proposing a ‘pick and mix’ selection of unconnected subjects. It enables students to think critically, communicate well and be aware of the world, and it prepares them better for academic research and life in the workplace. IBCP gives students more opportunities for coursework rather than exams. The reasons for the course are the interest and strength of the students, encourages confidence and encourages the joy of learning. Students’ exposure to real-world situations creates a more general understanding and perception of the workplace and their chosen art. Combining academic-oriented classes with practical examples means that students help them broaden their horizons by seeing their learning as relevant to the problems and issues of the outside world and their future lives. It also exposes them to areas of work in which they realize they have talent.

IBCP is especially relevant for students who choose to specialize and focus on a specific career path such as business, IT, sports or art and design. It is suitable for all students who want to pursue higher education or take up career-specific training through internship, apprentice, technical / community college or direct employment in the workplace and students start this journey in 11th grade.

Pathway School Gurgaon has partnered with Savannah College of Art and Design in the US to offer undergraduate courses online – through special course tracks, IBCP students earn up to 25 credit hours. Course tracks include both general base-level options and the path to SCAD degree programs such as advertising, the beauty and fragrance business, and interactive design and game development.

SCAD offers extremely generous scholarships for students and prides itself on a 99 percent employment rate after graduating from SCAD. Eligible high school students admitted to SCAD for joint enrollment through IBCP may be eligible for half-tuition scholarships.

PSG’s second career focus is the World Academy of Career Program, which provides provider accounting, financial management and data science and business analysis. WACP maintains a strong network within the industry and as a result offers unparalleled hands-on training, internships and placements.

Accredited by CP AIU, IBCP is also recognized by many universities, which is good for students who decide to pursue their studies before entering the world of work. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. The list of universities accepting IBCP is already long. In India, CP will be recognized as equivalent to Indian school board, such as CISCE or CBSE.

Over time the education system now recognizes that school-age adolescents should have one of two profiles: academic profile or professional profile. Where academic profiles have long been served by the current education system, IBCP now offers professional profiles that give students the same legitimacy and opportunity.

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